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Unmetric Analyze now allows you to manage your Profiles, Groups, Alerts, and more all from one place. Find this section by navigating to your User Icon > Settings > Manage.


Manage your Profiles and Groups

Add new Profiles, copy them to different Groups, and remove Profiles from Groups here. You can also create, edit, or delete Groups and share them with your teammate(s). Within a Group, you can also search by Profile names and sort by industry, geography, fan count, and more.

View your Profile requests

All the Profiles you’ve requested to be added show up here.

Manage your Custom Industries

View, create, edit, and delete custom industries here. 

Manage your Brand Labels

View all the Brand Labels you’ve compiled with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can create, edit, and delete Brand Labels in this section.

Manage your team members

View your team members and invite someone new to access Unmetric. You can also change the Groups certain users have access to and edit the settings of certain users.

Manage your Alerts

Create, edit, and delete alerts all from one place.

Manage Tags and Auto Tagging

View all the Tags created by your team. Edit and delete specific Tags and download tagged content right here.

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