Introducing Xia, Unmetricʼs Artificial Intelligence

Xia is a powerful Artificial Intelligence that enables marketers to harness insights from a constantly growing database of branded social media content. Xia gets smarter with each new data-point she ingests and analyzes, which currently exceeds 12 trillion interactions from more than a half billion posts published by more than 100,000 qualified brands.

Powered by Xia’s unique machine learning algorithms, Unmetric’s Analyze solution gives marketers at large global brands and digital agencies access to data and insights on competing brands they can’t get elsewhere, such as what posts are promoted, Facebook post reach & impressions, campaign performance, and detection and alerts of content performance outliers - all with incredible accuracy that constantly improves as Xia learns and adapts.

Xia provides AI-driven insights in four main components of Unmetric Analyze, which is one of the platform’s solutions alongside Discover.

Promoted Post Detection: Users can see which posts their competitors are putting money behind. Xia’s proprietary algorithm identifies which content is sponsored with up to 96% accuracy, revealing where they’re focusing efforts. This is significant as promoted Facebook posts aren’t publicly flagged.

Reach & Impressions: Users can access best available estimates of any brand’s Facebook reach and impressions data on both Post and Page level. With Unmetric Analyze and Xia, users will always know for sure how their content stacks up.

Campaign Intelligence: Users can strategize better with human-tagged campaign intelligence. Unmetric’s human analysts work with Xia to tag campaigns, so users can see how they performed and leverage what worked in the past to build future campaigns.

Alerts & Highlights: Users can keep track of when competitors do something out of the ordinary. As soon as Xia detects any unusual activity on a competitor’s social profile, she’ll send an instant notification so users are always informed of their strategy and ready to counter it.

Content Tagging: Not everyone has the time to manually assign Tags to posts. This is where Auto Tagging comes. Once you enable Auto Tagging, Xia automatically tags content based on set parameters like keywords and hashtags, time period and social network. 

Image Analytics: Xia analyzes the colors and objects in a brand's image content and can tell you which colors and objects are most often used in a brand's images.

Outliers: Xia shows you the content that stands out and rises above the social media noise. She determines a piece of content as an Outlier based on a variety of unique factors like a surge in publishing frequency, interactions etc.

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