Creating Smart Alerts

Are you missing out on important posts from competitors? Now you can create daily or weekly Alerts around certain keywords from your Groups or specific brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just click on the '+' at the bottom left of the homepage and click 'Create an Alert.'

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Once you click Create an Alert, you need to decide:

  1. What you'd like the Alert to be about. It can be a keyword, hashtag or a combination of both using search operators. 

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2. Which network you'd like the Alerts from and if it should be from a specific Profile, Group, Industry or Geography. You also have the option of getting Alerts from all the Profiles you monitor. 

3. Whether they'll arrive daily or weekly. 

4. The performance threshold of the Alerts. Either you can choose the Top 3 Posts, therefore sending you an Alert containing posts with the highest number of interactions, or you can choose an interaction limit. Adjust the slider to choose the minimum number of Interactions 

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For example, if the slider is set at 1000, you'll get Alerts containing Posts/Tweets with more than 1000 Interactions. Once an Alert is created, you'll get it either daily or weekly. Remember you can always change a specifications of an Alert by clicking Manage in the user icon at the bottom left corner. 

Manage your Alerts

Manage all your Alerts from just one window by navigating to your User Icon > Settings > Manage > Alerts.

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