New: Automated Brand profile addition

Unmetric has a database of at least 100,000 brands and we're always working on making this bigger and better.  

Our new automated profile addition process is super simple. And the best part? You can get analytics for a profile merely 3 hours after it is added to our database. If you're looking to add a new profile to our database, go to the + sign at the bottom left corner of your screen and click 'Add Profiles.' 

1. First check if the profile you're looking for is already in our database by simply typing out the name or pasting the URL of the social profile. If the brand is in our database, you can add it to a group and start analyzing right away. 

2. If it isn't in our database, we'll check if the profile is in Facebook's API. If we find it, all you have to do is click 'Request.' 

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 15.48.26.png

Once that's done, the profile will be added to an industry called 'Transit.' Transit is a temporary industry implying that the profile will be ‘in transit’ till it reaches its rightful industry. When we start collecting data, it'll be transferred to the appropriate industry. 

You'll be able to see an initial set of metrics for the brand in 3 hours. The metrics available will differ depending on the social network. More on that here

The full set of metrics will be available in 24 hours. 

Note: If we couldn't find the URL/profile name you submitted in our database and API, you can submit it for review. We'll take a look and get back to you in 24 hours. 

Viewing your requested Profiles

Navigate to your User Icon > Settings > Manage > Requested Profiles to view all the Profiles you’ve asked to be added to the platform.

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