Unmetric Analyzeʼs pricing plan

This pricing plan is based on your profile quota for each monthly cycle. Contact your account manager to discuss your profile quota. We've formulated our pricing plan to aid both agencies and brands. Scroll down for more.

Here’s how our pricing plan is useful for Agencies:

Here's how our pricing plan is useful for Brands:

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
​Banking & Borrowing:
Banking or borrowing profiles happen automatically depending on your usage. You can bank profiles for a maximum of two monthly cycles. Once you've finished your profile quota, borrowing from next cycle's quota happens automatically. If you've finished your quota of profiles and have borrowed all the profiles from the next cycle, you can contact your account manager to increase your profile limit or you wait till the next cycle begins. 

Profile Usage:
A profile is considered used only when you get analytics for it. This happens when you navigate/click a link to: Compare Groups, Analyze Profiles, or when you receive a Report for that particular profile.

After a profile is considered used, it can be used multiple times without counting again toward your monthly plan limit.

Therefore, adding a profile to a group means the profile is still unused.

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