Plugging in verified Promoted and Organic data

Unmetric Analyze gives you predicted Promoted and Organic data for most brand’s Facebook Pages and their Posts. However, we're sure you'd rather be working with actual verified data rather than our estimates.

How do you get this?

Start by connecting to Facebook Insights on the Unmetric Analyze platform and select 'Use Actual Reach and Impressions' in the Owned Metrics tab under Settings. We’ll take the metrics *directly from your brand’s Page and show verified data when you analyze your Posts under the Brand Post tab.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 14.54.37.png

Once you connect, you’ll get a more accurate representation of your brand profile. This is particularly important, especially when you’re comparing stats with other brands.

Note: All information via FB Insights is only viewable on your own account and is confidential.

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