Campaign Intelligence

Unmetric Analyze’s Campaign Intelligence feature gives you human-tagged intelligence along with AI driven insights, allowing you to make strategic decisions on your upcoming brand initiatives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our human analysts sort through brand content to classify posts into campaigns, based on a pattern of keywords, phrases, hashtags, event-based posts etc., that are found as a commonality in 2 or more pieces of content.

Xia (that's the name of our AI), provides detailed insights on these past campaigns based on performance metrics such as Engagement, Reach & Impressions and even segregates content into promoted and organic.
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Using this feature, you can study in incredible detail successful campaigns run by your competitors and aspirational brands. You can even customize the engagement to assign weights to different engagement metrics, take audience size into account etc. Xia pushes you to perform even better by benchmarking your campaign performance against that of your peers under the Compare section of the platform.

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