Instagram Campaign Intelligence

Unmetric's Instagram Campaign Intelligence feature uses AI-driven insights to showcase the performance of any brand's campaigns on Instagram.

Find this under Campaigns in the Analyze Profiles and Compare Groups sections.

Xia, our AI, tracks any brand's past and ongoing campaigns and provides detailed interaction metrics such as Likes, Comments, and Engagement over time.

Here are two ways to harness Instagram Campaign Intelligence:

  1. Focus on one brand's campaigns
    Focus on improving your own brand's campaigns by tracking their performance in real-time. Alternatively, you could gather intel on other brand's past and ongoing campaigns. Here you'll see metrics for individual brands' campaigns as well as a breakdown of metrics for each post pertaining to it.706615c8c5ec84db03a05e742c6c568d.gif
  2. Compare campaigns
    Benchmark your campaigns with competitors and see how they perform head to head. You could also see how two competitors' campaigns performed against each other and take notes for when you launch your own campaigns.Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 11.34.14.png

    If Xia isn't tracking your brand's campaigns yet, all you have to do is hit 'Request' and she'll be on it. You can also ask her to track specific campaigns by simply typing in its name.

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