Customizing Facebook Dashboard

Select the most important metrics to view as a comprehensive Facebook comparison overview

Get the lowdown on how a brand is performing with a customizable Facebook dashboard.

In the big world of social data, is one metric more important than another? No, because different brands and industries find value in different metrics. While one might be most concerned about Fan Growth, another might see Response Time as an important metric.

This is why we felt it was important that you could customize how you see some parts of the platform. We’ve started with Facebook’s Compare Overview.


By customizing what metrics you see, you can get a good sense of how a brand is performing in relation to competitors with just a single look. Now, you can choose to display metrics like Fan Growth, Engagement, Share of Voice, Reach & Impressions and Interactions amongst others and hide the less important ones.

Once you choose the metrics you’d like displayed, hover over them to see the progress you’ve made over a certain time period.

Of course, you’ll have access to the metrics you’ve chosen to hide in other sections of the app.

Now head over to Facebook > Compare > Overview and click Customize.

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