Scheduling Reports

Here's how you schedule Reports to arrive every week or month

Get Analysis, Comparison and Cross-channel Reports sent to your inbox every week or month. Here’s a step by step guide to scheduling a report.

1. Click the Get Reports button from the left sidebar and choose Schedule a Report

In this page, you’ll also be able to pause, unpause and delete your already scheduled reports.


2. Choose the type of report you'd like to download or email 

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3. Select the social network and profiles you’d like this report to feature

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Analysis Report: You can select multiple brands, and you’ll get separate analysis reports for each.
  • Comparison Report: You can only select one group, and the group will need to have at least two profiles in it.
  • Cross-Channel Report: You can select either one or multiple brand labels.

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4. Select a format

You can choose to have your scheduled report in more than one format: Excel - raw data, Powerpoint and Excel - charts.

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5. Schedule a date and time period for the report

Select either a weekly or monthly schedule, then click Schedule Report.

  • Weekly Report: choose a day for it to arrive every week with data from either the last 7 days or last week. (every Thursday)
  • Monthly Report: choose the date you’d like to it arrive every month with data from the previous month.

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