Create Tags manually

Manually tag content to make analyzing and comparing them easier

Now you can assign tags to pieces of content on Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) on the fly. Here’s how you do it.

Under any Brand Post, just click Assign Tags button and type in the name of a tag. This Tag could start with a letter, hashtag, numeral or special character. Once you create a tag, it’ll show up in a drop down along with all other tags you’ve created. If you download your Brand Posts, you’ll see a column dedicated to the Tags you’ve assigned to the posts.

In the Brand Posts tab, you’ll also see our system generated Tags – one for Sentiment and one denoting if a post is Promoted or Organic. As of now, you can change the Sentiment Tag.


Create Multiple Tags

You can also create multiple tags at the same time. All you have to do is click on the + icon in the bottom left of your screen, Create a Tag. Then click on the link that says "create multiple tags at once."


Here you can enter multiple tags either separated by commas or one below the other – you can also paste these Tags directly from an Excel or text file. When you’re done, hit Create Tags. Remember this means you’ve only created these Tags, but haven’t assigned them to any Post yet. They’ll appear in the drop down when you’re looking to manually assign tags for Brand Posts.

Manage your Tags

All the Tags you’ve created will appear under Manage Tags. Tags that have Auto Tagging enabled are marked as ON in a column. Enable Auto Tagging by clicking Enable or Edit button.


You can also edit and delete yours and other team members’ Tags. Download engagement metrics around the content you’ve tagged by clicking the Download button.



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