Enable Auto Tagging

Automatically tag content based on your specifications

Here's how you do it: 

  1. Go to the + icon on the homepage and click Create a Tag.
  2. Give the Tag a name and make sure Auto Tagging is switched ON.
  3. Assign this Tag to Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) posts from all the profiles in your dashboard or a specific group or profile.
  4. Decide the kind of content for which you’d like this tag – this can be done by tagging posts containing certain words, phrases and hashtags.
  5. Choose a time period. You can choose a time period in the past. You can also set the time period as ongoing which means it will continue to tag content as and when they’re published.

  6. Click Create Tag. Depending on the amount of content and time period, Xia will take up to 6 hours to complete the tagging process.


Manage Tags and Auto Tagging

All the Tags you’ve created will appear under Manage Tags. Tags with Auto Tagging enabled are marked as ON in a column. Turn On Auto Tagging for any Tag by clicking Enable.

When it comes to Auto Tagging, only the person who has created the Tag can edit or delete it. Download engagement metrics around the content you’ve tagged by clicking the Download button.



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