Segmenting Brand Posts on Facebook and Instagram

Now you can segment a brand’s posts using various filters like keywords, tags and content type

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of posts a brand has posted? Now you can segment these posts using various filters. Find it under Analyze Profiles > Brand Posts for Facebook and Instagram.

After clicking on the Brand Posts tab, you can create up to three segments using filters namely keywords, system generated tags (such as promoted or positive sentiment), content tags, days on which the post was published and content type.

Then compare the performance of all three head to head. We’ve shown you how you can compare the engagement of Starbucks’ promoted posts versus all the posts they’ve published in the last month.

Segmenting Brand Posts on Facebook and Instagram.gif

If you’d like to change your filters, you can reset each segment individually. By default, Segment 1 always resets to show All Posts by a brand, but you can always change the filters in this segment.

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