Comparing Segmented Posts with various KPIs

Measure the performance of a brand’s posts using KPIs like Likes, Comments, Shares, Avg. Engagement and others

Different brands have different KPIs (key performance indicators) that are important to them. Now you can measure the performance of a brand’s posts using these KPIs. Find this and more under Analyze Profiles > Brand Posts.

Here’s how you do it:

After creating at least two segments, you'll find two rows of metrics pertaining to each segment. You'll also find charts based on a primary and secondary metric visible in the dropdowns.

Click these dropdowns to compare the performance of segments using a primary and secondary metric. You can pick the primary metric via the dropdown or simply click on the metrics below the three segments.

Partial to one type of chart? Now you can visualize these metrics on a line, bar chart. You can also change the time series of the chart to either daily, weekly or monthly. As always, you can download these charts. We’ve shown you how you can compare Likes versus Comments of two segments of Starbucks’s posts on a bar chart.

Comparing Segmented Posts with various KPIs.gif

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