Analyzing the objects in a brand’s image content

Find the objects featured in a brand’s images

A good post requires not only engaging copy but also an equally attractive and engaging image. But how do you know which image is the right image? Let our newly launched analytics centered on colors and objects be your guide to help you make sure your content is not only fresh and engaging but also data-driven.

Is it better to use images of the ocean in your posts about summer? Are your competitors using dogs in their images to engage their fans? How many car brands are using men in their images?

You can answer these questions for Facebook and Instagram brands in our new Images tab under Analyze Profiles and Compare Groups.

Find the objects used frequently in a brand’s images

After selecting a brand, head over to Analyze Profiles > Images. Click on the Object tab to see a word cloud of the different objects that are found in the brand’s image content.

Analyzing the objects in a brand’s image content.gif

Words that appear larger have more posts containing that object. Hover on each object to see the number of posts with the object and the average Engagement of these posts. You can also find the average Probability, i.e. the probability that the object is present in this brand’s image content.

Click on an object to see the posts containing them.

Find the objects most frequently used in a group’s images

You can also find the most dominant objects used in image content from a particular group. After selecting a group, just head over to Compare Groups > Images and click on the Object tab to see the list of objects most often used by these brands.

Click on an object to see how many posts they’ve used it in along with average interaction metrics for the post such as Avg. Engagement, Reactions, and Shares, amongst others.


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