Metrics that are not available historically

Here are the metrics you won't have access to when your brand is added to Unmetric's database

Once we add a brand to Unmetric's database, we immediately start working on giving you metrics for that particular brand. However, some social networks might stop providing certain metrics. This could be due to changes in the API or restrictions within the social network. Therefore, some metrics might not be available after a certain date.

Here are a list of those metrics not available sorted by network:


  • Geographical Fan Data is not available from Feb 5, 2018 onwards. This also affects the metric Localized Fan Growth.
  • Usernames of fans who have posted and commented on your Page won't be available.


  • Filters data is not available from April 2018 onwards.


We do not get historical Fan/Follower growth data for any of the networks. We will start tracking Fan/Follower growth from the day the brand is added to our database.

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