Discontinuation of some X (Twitter) metrics on Unmetric Analyze

Due to some changes in X (Twitter)’s API, we won't be getting some metrics on Unmetric Analyze

Due to some changes in X (Twitter)’s API, we will not be getting the following metrics on Unmetric Analyze. Please note that we stopped getting this data on December 1, 2018. We will still have this data for time periods prior to this.

The following metrics will also not be available for report downloads and export data.

1. Mentions

The lack of Mentions data will further affect the following metrics.

Analyze Profiles

  • Overview > Response Rate
  • Customer Service > Response Rate
  • Influencers
  • Timing > Time of the day and Day of the week

Compare Groups

  • Overview > Response Time
  • Mentions
  • Customer Service > Responses

2. Analyze Profiles > Reposts > Who is Reposting @Brand?

We will not be showing the names of users who are Reposting a brand.

3. Analyze Profiles > Reposts > @Brand’s Reposted Posts

Earlier, next to each post, we showed a list of usernames who reposted that particular post. Henceforth, we will not show this information.

4. Likes (previously known as Favorites)

We record Likes only for the first 7 days after the post was published. Subsequent Likes will not be recorded.

While you’ll still see these sections on the platform, with a banner stating we lack these metrics, in the near future, we will be removing these sections entirely.

To get these metrics for posts published before December 1, 2018, please contact your Account Manager.

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