Removal of Instagram profiles that are not Professional Accounts from our database

Instagram’s API does not provide data for these profiles anymore

We’re in the process of revising our data collection methodology for Instagram. With these revisions, we will be phasing out metrics for profiles that are not considered Professional accounts on Instagram. Eventually, we’ll be removing these accounts from our database.

What are Professional accounts and what aren't?

There are 3 types of Instagram accounts: Personal, Business, and Creator.

Personal, as the name suggests, is for personal use. Business accounts are used by brands and retailers, and Creator accounts are used by influencers and public figures.

Professional accounts are Business or Creator accounts that give you access to native Instagram Insights.

You don't have to be verified on Instagram or even have a business to switch to a Professional account through the app — even a personal account can easily be converted into a Professional account.

Instagram's API now only provides data for Professional accounts, which is why Unmetric will no longer be able to provide metrics for any account that is not Professional.

Are any metrics available for Instagram profiles that aren't Professional accounts?

As of September 30, 2019, you won't find these profiles in the database if you search for them.

What happens to profiles that are not Professional accounts that have already been added to Groups on Unmetric Analyze?

As of September 30, 2019, these profiles have been removed from these Groups.

Can I see data if my profile is converted to a Professional account on Instagram?

If you’ve converted a profile to a Professional account on the Instagram app, please contact your Account Manager so that we can reconfigure it and add it as a Professional account to Unmetric’s database.


We've retroactively given back the profiles/credits to the monthly billing cycles of customers who used non-professional accounts in the past so they aren't charged for them. Please contact your account manager for further details.

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