How frequently is Unmetric’s Brand data refreshed?

How frequently we update the numbers

The Unmetric platform receives data through the APIs of the social networks, and each network API works differently in providing the data. Our processors work round the clock to receive data from the respective APIs, and presenting this data on the platform takes between 4-6 hours, varying from network to network.

For newly added brands, we can gather historical data for certain metrics, based on the limitations of the different networks.

  • Facebook: Due to recently enforced limitations by the Facebook API, we can only gather post-level historical data. Estimated Reach and Impressions and Promoted Post Detection will only activate from the date the brand was added on Unmetric.
  • ​Instagram: All metrics are gathered from the date of addition to our database.

We can gather historical post-level data; however, we don't receive follower information prior to the date added. For retroactive data, we will not be able to provide an Engagement Score on the platform.

There are cases in which we can gather historical data for X (Twitter) upon request, but we are able to fetch only the recent 3,200 tweets published by a brand. The historical data for X (Twitter) wouldn't include replies and engagement metrics. However, for YouTube, we can only provide data from the date it was added to Unmetric's Database.

Please reach out to your Account Manager or if you would like us to look into historical data for a certain brand.


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