Why does the ‘Insufficient data’ tag appear on Facebook posts?

Why do some tags say Insufficient data instead of Promoted or Organic?

Unmetric shows if a Facebook Post is Promoted or Organic courtesy of Xia, our AI. However, some Facebook Posts have the tag Insufficient Data.

Our Promoted Post Detection feature collects a Post’s Engagement or Interaction metrics i.e. Likes, Comments and Shares over a period of 5 consecutive days. With this data, Xia is able to detect if a post is promoted or not. If we cannot get this data, we give the post the tag: Insufficient Data.

Insufficient Data may appear for three reasons:

  • The post could have been deleted from the brand’s timeline and therefore not available in Facebook’s API.
  • The post may be geo-targetted.
  • The post was published before the brand was added to Unmetric’s database making it difficult to track historical data.

If you’ve got any questions about this, please contact your account manager or email unmetric-help@brandwatch.com.


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