Why are some interaction graphs missing?

Hereʼs why some graphs and charts might be missing

We recently launched a graph that charts the Interactions (Likes + Comments + Shares) for each Brand Post on Facebook. They look like this:

However, there are times when you'll find this graph missing. Here are some reasons why this might happen.

1. Newly added brand

Brand profiles that have just been added to our database won't have all the data just yet. Complete data collection takes 24 hours from when the brand has been added.

2. Geo-targeted Posts

We do not track the targeted location of Posts targeting a particular location.

3. Missing Post

The Post or Posts that are being represented have been deleted.

4. Missing Profile

The brand profile has been deleted on Facebook.

5. New Content

The content online was just posted and there isn't enough data to showcase in the graph just yet.

6. Product Oversight

There might have been an issue when capturing the data. This is on us and we'll fix it ASAP.

Please write to us at unmetric-help@brandwatch.com if you've got any other questions.

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