Why is my Facebook geographical fan data missing?

Geographical Fan Count was one of the metrics affected by changes in Facebook's API

Early this year, Facebook made some big changes to their privacy restrictions. Considering Unmetric provides branded data and does not harvest personally identifiable information, the changes to our functionality as a social analytics platform has been small albeit significant.

Geographical Fan Count was one of the metrics affected. Unmetric, along with any other platform that provides similar data, cannot show Geographical Fan Data for Facebook posts published from February 5, 2018 onwards. This includes:

  • Fan Distribution Percentage
  • Localized Fan Growth
  • Localized Conversations
  • Distribution of Audience

Of course, this data is available for Posts published before February 5, 2018.

Modification to Fan Growth metric:

In light of these privacy changes, we’ve also modified the metric Fan Growth (find this under Analyze Profiles and Compare Groups under Fans). Under Fan Growth, we have started incorporating and displaying Global Fan Growth metrics for a brand’s global Page even if you’re analyzing metrics for a brand’s country-specific Page. For e.g. the Fan Growth metric for Chevrolet India will be the same as the global Chevrolet Page. This is irrespective of your chosen time period.

As we are incorporating global fan growth for a brand, which can be significantly larger than its localized fan growth, you might see significant changes in metrics like Engagement if you have chosen a formula that uses Fan count.

To fix these drastic changes in Engagement, please choose a formula that doesn't incorporate Fan Count like

  • Interactions
  • (Interactions / Estimated Reach) %

Alternatively, you can choose Facebook's official Engagement formula.

For your connected Pages, Total Interactions is calculated as the sum of Likes, Comments, Shares, Video Plays, Other Clicks, Photo Views and Link Clicks. For other pages, it is the sum of Likes, Comments and Shares.

Actual Reach will be used in the formula only for your connected Facebook Page, while Estimated Reach will be used for other profiles.

If you’ve got more questions about this, please contact your account manager or email unmetric-help@brandwatch.com.

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