Brand & Group Filter on Unmetric Discover

Filter your results to show content from a specific Group or brand profile you’re monitoring on Unmetric Analyze

After talking to a lot of our users, we’ve revamped Unmetric Discover to further kickstart your creativity.

Discover helps you find anything a brand has ever said about any topic by searching through 500,000,000+ items of branded content published by over 100,000 major brands over the last 5 years.

Here’s what’s new:

Filter results by brand or Group

Filter your results to show content from a Group you’re monitoring on Unmetric Analyze or even a specific profile. And yes, you can still filter these results by industry, geography, content type and time period.

Show content from all networks

Filter your results to either show content from either Facebook, X (Twitter), or Instagram or from all networks.

Discover new brands and add them to groups on Unmetric Analyze

Provided you haven’t filtered your results by a specific group or profile, your results will also feature a list of brands on the side. They indicate which brands your results are from and you can filter your results to only show content from these engaging brands. Found a brand you’d like to further analyze? Add the brand directly to a Group you’ve created on Unmetric Analyze here.

Multiple content selection

Instead of adding content to a group one by one, you can now add multiple pieces of content to a board. Would you like to save all the content? There’s a Select all option.

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