Discover a whole new world of Analysis

Find a Word Cloud and other metrics in Unmetric Discover’s new Analysis tab

Unmetric Discover is a great place to explore new topics and upcoming events. Once you click on a topic, you get the most engaging content that brands have published on Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter).

But what if you’re looking to dig a little deeper? We have the answer with our brand new Analysis tab. Once you click the tab, you’ll find the following:

Word Cloud

This Word Cloud is generated by showcasing words and phrases brands have used when describing this topic. Click on a word or phrase to see content corresponding to it. Use the Word Cloud to see what kind of language other brands are using in their content. We’ll show you interaction metrics for every Post, so you can see how well this content engaged.

Content Count

Find a bar chart showing how many pieces of content brands have published about a topic every month for the previous year. This chart shows you when a topic becomes popular on social media, giving you the chance to get a head start on your posting.

Share of Voice by Industry

See which industry is publishing the most content around a topic. Do you find your industry not posting enough about a certain topic? If so, perhaps your brand can be the first to post about it.

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