Filtering your content by different colors

Find Facebook and Instagram posts with images featuring particular colors

People use Discover to find awesome content that you can filter by industry, geography, social network and brand, but what if you could filter even further? Introducing our Dominant colors filter, where you can further filter content by a color found in the images of your posts.

As of now, this is available for content on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how you do it.

Filter content by color

After typing the keywords of your search or even clicking on one of our suggested topics, click on the paint icon in the search bar. Say for National Hamburger Day, you’re looking for posts with the color red in its images.

Once you’ve zeroed in on a specific color, click Apply to find posts featuring images that contain that color.

Remember, you can use a combination of filters including our advanced keywords search and our new object filter. You can also search for a color within posts without any keywords by clicking on one of the colors on the homepage or applying only the color filter.

Find the most used colors for a certain topic:

Curious to see what kind of colors brands used in their images for content around a certain topic? Once you’ve made a search, click on the Analysis tab and scroll down to Image Analysis to see the most popular colors brands used in their content. Click on a color to see posts featuring that color. You can always add these posts to a board.

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You'll also find a Word Cloud with words and phrases most often used when brands talk about a topic as well as its popularity across time and across industries.

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