Finding trending content and campaigns

Discover what kind of branded content is trending on social

Marketers use Discover to find branded content about certain keywords and topics. Now, you can also check out trending content on social.

Find trending branded content

It’s super easy to find - simply head to the homepage and click on See what’s trending at the bottom of the page.

Once you’re there, you’ll find a variety of branded content that’s making waves. This content can be filtered by time period, industry, social network and geography.

​How do we decide what's trending?

A piece of content is determined as ‘trending’ based on a Relevance Score. This score has three components:

  • Newness or how recent the piece of content is.
  • Follower count of the brand publishing the post or Tweet.
  • Engagement score of the content

Apart from trending content, you can also find trending campaigns and topics as well as colors and objects most used by brands in their content.

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